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  1. That kem5 looks like totem's new style, too. I aint hatin tho..dope shit!
  2. kever, wie, and that DEEM get my vote...nice shit
  3. that guy eyes is getting better...I have a yard that be getting fairly new work from them and I can see his shit progressing
  4. FawQue

    the dub

    caught a hindu train yesterday
  5. FawQue


    bump for beg and the upfe's
  6. FawQue


    People get mad that others write the same name cause it gives you a bad name... http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1640787&a=12819493&p=47274756&Sequence=0&res=high'>
  7. Bump for BEG. These holy rollers do get play!
  8. nice to see fr8 heads on walls
  9. FawQue


    bump for the homies arows,else,jap,drama
  10. FawQue


    Yo Totem, this flick is actually from that pack you sent. I'm about to head out there after bboy summit (week after 23rd) maybe with some folks. Still down to hook up and paint? Whats your e-mail address again? or if not, hit me up at: artofsoulvideo@netscape.net Peace
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