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  1. ooops, those last 3 posts were me. I forgot my old login name and made a new one. sorry.
  2. SeOne/when/Rapes/Devi wall, Expert... insanely awesome....
  3. dumpybottom


    all the newer stuff is hotttttt.
  4. I just ate 12 doughnuts and i'm hyper wait... is BM their crew? if so... that's fucking awesome!!!! BM crew!!!!! Bowel Movement!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!
  5. what is " Hatred is my consolation prize" from?
  6. i have a flick of this boble thing, and have never understood it.... i believe the flick was taken around jeffersonville or new albany, IN....
  7. that apart and the one shot aren't that bad.... that rear is wack ass trash though.
  8. one of my ex-ladies wrote ebony.... but that sure as fuck ain't her. bump for merzy...
  9. here's some cincy shit... all old stuff.
  10. except for the E, i like the top one... weird word though. I'm not really feeling the sugar though... especially since i've seen much better sug and sugar stuff on fr8s quite a bit.
  11. my nipples are the size of dinnerplates i can kinda see the jaser reference, but fuck it, this stuff ain't bad. bump.
  12. definitely a favorite of mine..... bump.
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