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  1. i was just wondering how many people have looked at this mag... i just picked up issue 50 and it was fucking nuts, all about prisons, prisoners, and the philosophy and life of it all. any other readers?
  2. atc


    white owl new yorkers are my brand of choice
  3. I think that is due to the fact that the ideal behind the newfound patriotism is so strong, to go against it would be like being thought a communist in the mccarthy era. youd be hounded and hunted. the more i read about how the us govt knew a LOT about what might happen on the exact date of 9/11. the more i realized how they simply reengineered patriotism to get your american/insert ethnicty here-american behind them. i will say this much; it unfortuanetly worked.
  4. im sure you want me to come back so you can have an internet beef so you can take out all your frustration from your mom yelling at you for never going outside... so ill just leave you with the bare facts... and ill STAY away, unlike you. im done with you.
  5. uh, that was the most incoherent thing ive ever read on this board. it reads like a book helen keller wrote in cursive. but from what i can manage, you are tryint to say that i am telling nas who is good... no. i am telling YOU who sucks. please show me where the hell i addressed the fucking post "dear nas" or some shit. and an internet persona... you have more posts that i do! maaan!
  6. atc

    Crank Yankers

    when they had jimmy kimmel call a sex shop and had his "mom" pick up during their conversation about penis pumps and made the guy pretend like he was an italian resturant jimmy was ordering from... that was quite amusing.
  7. jay-z is the president of this wack ass list and i would agree with whoever said the rest of rocafella, but MOP is on rocafella now, and i certainly cannot hate on them. following in a close second is nelly/st lunatics, puffy, ja rule... and snoop is nowhere near a false thug, kid was a hustler, now hes just graduated to being the godson of funk.
  8. bon jovi - wanted dead or alive/bad medicine/livin on a prayer/you give love a bad name phil collins - sussudio/in the air tonight eddie money - take me home tonight hall and oates - maneater mj - beat it/thriller/smooth criminal/billie jean survivor - eye of the tiger i would list more, but thats enough for now.
  9. i was just saw the song from the spider-man movie with that cat from nickleback, "hero", on mtv, and i noticed that they didnt bleep out "killing and blood spilling", but they do bleep out "killed" in the truth hurts song, addictive, and even when rakim talks about quitting drug dealing and such (actual positive lyrics), they bleep them out too. ive noticed this for a while... why does rock/alternative music have more lyrical freedom from being censored than hiphop? (and its not just mtv, although i know it sucks, but radio stations do it as well.)
  10. Yeah... Jay-Z... cause hes not wack at all.... Del could outrhyme him, and is a lot more original and entertaining.
  11. that movie was bullshit. it had nice cars and a few hot girls in it, and those were the only reasons anyone should watch it. id love for someone to explain to me how you lift up a hood and figure out how much nitrous someone has when the tanks are in the back of his car, the producers of this movie had no fucking clue (or didnt care) about how to make it at least somewhat realistic. after that movie, some little bitch with a mustang (with exhaust only) wanted to race my friends jeep for "slips". we clowned him till his mom came out and told us to quiet down before the neighbors called the cops, and then held the horn down on our way out the neighborhood. northern va was already bad enough before that movie came out; now its worse. >fuck the fast and the furious>>
  12. very close, but not at the top.... outkast, ATLiens > a new level > a new sound > damn near untouchable. but labcabincalifornia, prince of thieves, soundbombing 2, and peoples instinctive travels are all up there too.
  13. atc

    Pablo Picasso

    he believed ants were a sign of decay (im all over the art trivia)
  14. atc

    Pablo Picasso

    You know, I just found out about Mark Ryden a couple of months ago, but i had actually seen his artwork in my room without even realizing it. For those of you who are Stephen King fans, he did the cover artwork for The Regulators/Desparation, which is a weird (but fucking dope) couple of books. And according to Spock on a program on the history channel, Gaugin was able to deter Van Gogh from stabbing him in the dark with "simply a stare." Food for thought.
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