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  1. well worth the money... http://www.dpmpublishing.com/ Maharishi?s Creative Director, Hardy Blechman has been extremely influential in the proliferation of camouflage and combat trousers (or Snopants®) in civilian fashion over the past decade. Now, after six years of intensive research, he reveals the depth of his exploration into the vast world of camouflage in his magnum opus: DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material). DPM is an encyclopaedic art book that charts the history of camouflage from its roots in nature, through to its adoption by the military, and on to its current popularity and use within modern civilian culture. Divided into two books totalling 944 pages, no other title offers such comprehensive coverage of this multi-faceted and highly engaging subject. DPM contains more than 5,000 images, many of which are previously unpublished, by some of the world's leading nature, military and fashion photographers. Included are depictions of camo-clad cultural icons such as David Beckham, Robert De Niro, U2, Notorious BIG, Ali G, Neneh Cherry, and Joe Strummer. The book includes a comprehensive, historical guide to the camouflage patterns issued to soldiers of 107 nations around the world. DPM also, for the first time in print, thoroughly documents the rise of camouflage outside of the armed forces - used by anti-war protesters in the 1960s, further explored by modern artists, and reinvented within areas such as fashion, architecture, music, film, and sport among numerous other fields. Throughout the book, including the 'Military' section, a strong anti-war sentiment is expressed with the emphasis on camouflage's natural and artistic beauty. Drawing on the expertise of an extensive team of consultants, DPM is the most authoritative camouflage manual ever published and an indispensable modern reference guide for both the novice and seasoned camoufleur.
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