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  1. where is everybody at????/
  2. whats up i am from memphis does any memphis writers wanna get together and write?
  3. does anyone here live in the south like north mississippi?
  4. i know this one dude names cake he can write like mad crazy he writes with tko
  5. that simple funk piece is killing it if i do say so myself
  6. how to draw comics it is really good it has some superb art in it
  7. i like to see paintingon trains that shit just looks fresh to me i wish that i had a train by my house but i live in the middle of mississippi the train in the city over from me there aint no train tracks around here but we got bandos to paint and shit though.usually i got plenty time to put down the piece too
  8. i used to love to write on stickers i ddint have that many though dude you got a colloasal collection of the stickers aka you got plenty of tha stickers.i know this one dude that does stickers and he does tattoos in nevada he is a rilly sick artist dude can draw anything and it will be swagful as heck.everything he draw got alotof swagger to it.
  9. what does the one with the white and green say onemanbannd?
  10. that lowcard piece is extreme looks incredible homie i aint never writ on a train yet i plan on it though the closest i came to it was writing on a trash container that was kinda shaped like a train car i wrote ghost in some ghostly letters i dont have the picture anymore though if i did i would post it me and my lil bro went out there to go tag that shit at like 6 pm and it only took like fifteen minutes and we was done but it looked amazing i though
  11. every single piece on here is fire they all look really straight!
  12. there is some tight pices on here
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