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  1. topoz

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    i ain't gonna tel you what i write couse i don't kno who you are but ill tell you i write in florida but anyways fuck it i do't really need help no more couse i just got sent to another school for 10 days still on it
  2. topoz

    Tagged school

    jaja no bro if i was in caracas i wouldn't give a fuck about this but in the states it's diferent ps eres caraqueno??
  3. topoz

    Tagged school

    My nigga you think a cop would care about what would happen to somebody in this situation and I just admited to what I did wich I think was stupid as fuck from my part
  4. topoz

    Tagged school

    I meant fcat not fact it's diferent in most states
  5. topoz

    Tagged school

    By the way they tough I was suspicious becouse I was the only one that had aperantly walked into that bathroom
  6. so here's want went down I been bombing for a while and the the other day I decided to go big like a dumbass and destroyed a bunch of things with a big mop and I tagged everything from bathrooms(every single door or wall and stalls),to school doors,to hallways and it was all good but then during lunchtime one of the security guards took me to another guard then they walked me to the bathrooms and asked me did you do all dis shit so I said no they search my shit and found a litle mop wich they taught was just ink while I still had the other mop in my pocket so they tell me if you dont tell us w
  7. No mentira es joda si es que alguien ve esto
  8. Sera que el gobierno ya les jodio el interne tambien
  9. Verga se activaron en el principio esta vaina estava era llena e toys
  10. Check out caracas,venezuela forum dope stuff
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