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  1. Well this thread is officially deader than shit. Granted 12oz ain't near as relevant in the days of IG, Flickr, Tumblr, etc, but fuck. Where else can you find a dedicated grouping of Carolina graffiti flicks (and random related jibber jabber)? I check in ever few months and post up a grip of fire for heads to peep, but guess mfers don't give a shit. It's a shame bc the Carolina's was always been slept on (and rightfully so for the most part, because the scene was very small pre-internet) but shit has changed and plenty of heads in both Carolina's are putting in mad work and burning shit. I say all of this to say this...how bout posting more quality shit so heads from other parts of the country/world can take a peek in here and see what the Cack has to offer. Peace.
  2. speaking of circle jerks...
  3. Well this place sure is quite the ghost town.
  4. Herb central up in this piece, I swear. Props to heads with flavor doing their thing in the Cack. It's hilarious seeing motherfuckers taking shots at MOMS on here...pure fucking comedy.
  5. Flicks. Some jacked...some not.
  6. NEWSFLASH. you in the carolina's homie (right?). SKEZ 520 is the motherfucking old school SOUTH CAROLINA OG. Piecing spots when you weren't even born yet. Get your mind right. From the archives...this one was from early 90's..South Cack:
  7. Rumor has it that Horace's Uzi weighs a ton. Just saying. PS - Yo! Bum Rush the Show!
  8. Oooohweee, that motherfuckin' TRIDE coming with the trillness! Slap the dicks outta ya mouths and clap ya hands! Bong bong.
  9. Yeah, I feel ya. I actually tried to delete my post this morning after reading since I posted it last night a bit under the influence. But I guess my point is this...there's good flix being posted and still a lot of 2 bit ugly wanna be hip flavor of the month shit...and even worse, just flat out widdack shit. Who knows what I was getting at. Bottom line is, motherfuckers know who's really running shit 'round here...and if you disagree with that, you're either jealous or stupid..or prob both (not directed at you, btw). So yeah...blame it on the alcohol...or something. I just wanna see dope styles being done...and ultimately I don't care who's doing em. Just so happens the crews I happened to list are all bringing that fucking flava. PS-I'm drinking again. Peace.
  10. My god, this is the slowest moving, most fucking boring thread on this damn website. It's a damn shame...and most of the time if it's not MOMS/KOC/WET/NGC flicks getting posted, it's a bunch of weak shit that's ultimately giving outsiders viewing a bad representation of what's going on around here. Not trying to start shit or talk smack...but cmon, a LOT of it's wack. Just keeping it real and calling it like I see it, fellas. Step it up and come correct before you worry about posting flicks on the fucking internet. That shit will, and can, come later. Feel me? So as my man Kane said, Ain't No Half Steppinl
  11. Lil sumpin' sumpin' for the 12oz OD'ers. All flickr/IG jacked.
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