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  1. Visiting in a couple weeks, get at me.
  2. The kid and the boss, young Valet.
  3. This is some of the toyest shit I've ever read. Salute goes out to anyone puttin in work especially cats who are recognized by the heavy hitters. Big up Sjay, hit a brother up
  4. some stolen, some mine. smoke weed and fuck bitches. fuck everything else.:D
  5. I heard word on the streets is Eseo owner is the most rootinest tootinest "city bomber" this side of the Mississippi Lol.
  6. You're fucking up if you let opinions on 12oz get to you. PallMallzone has a beastly resume and the streets do the talkin for him. Progress is never a bad thing either. Smoke one. PS. where the weed at asheville?
  7. Holy moldy oldy Where was that tbox caught?
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