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  1. Oh haven't you seen them all up on trees? How cool is that, wish i thought of that one :rolleyes:
  2. Take a journey and snap some fliks yaself like the rest of us
  3. Fuck that ayres is stunning
  4. Yeah but a roller's a roller...
  5. lol 24Carrot it's less hidef in person
  6. what the fuck just happened, trying to sort it out. Pics up soon.
  7. Who ever the fuck writes Tec, grow some balls & some respect. Saw some poor cunt trying to remove ur lame ass toy throwie from his garage door this morning. Unwritten rules my friend. Stop sniffing ur own fucking paint toy cunt
  8. bahahaha, never said i was anything ya dick
  9. fuckin love this forum, been lurking for about a year thought i was time i signed up. keep up the killa posts & also the toy shit as well for amusement!
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