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  1. hmu when u throw down 3 pages in a row type shit....till then get off the nuts ndd keep posting pics.. aint no toy but aint no biter my shits is mine ndd u aint confusing it with nobody elses so keep throwing my name around thats the point of the website...
  2. fag. wat u write>? IBK TMH!... funny how all u do is talk shit over the net... real niggas fuck with us andd i could care less who dont ya feeel.
  3. get off the nuts aint my crib orrr tha homies pad but i aint trippin go look for it i bet u sidebusting groupies gonnna try to hit it lmao. net talking cheap but thats why ur lame asss aint keeping up with my ups on the streets orr this website. IBMETER TMH
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