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  1. No interest in those dvd's coming out.. yeah dope you have a HD camera and a Go Pro.. it's still going to be the same boring panels, by the same people, at the same spots.. if you're that desperate for getting your dick sucked by 16 year olds go and hang out at Blacktown shops.

  2. looking at the cars in that particular shot I would say they have a right to be there

    retro,rosie,empos have all had stuff running.


    But I agree sort of.


    as in me doing a wholecar there would be a bit wrong.


    I edited the post as I felt it came out wrong


    I don't know much about this Empos guy but the others yeah


    It was more relating to guys who aren't known for trains but pop up outta the woodworks and take full advantage of these types of situations.. I haven't seen all of the fagstagram photos but I'm sure it's happening, just like it did with the grey ghosts..

  3. You mean taking a photo of your own gear as soon as you finish and then uploading it to the internet straight away?


    What's not to like?



    well nobody else is going to post it.. unless somebody out there enjoys fade over kill, crap colour schemes, bad letter structure and terrible character incorporation..

  4. I wouldn't have done half the bad shit I've done if it weren't for graffiti relations. I can't see too many of the younger writers having the same stories in 15 years time as some people do now is all.


    Probably a good thing. Fuck knows.




    most of them won't be around when the next trend comes along. There are a fuck load of young writers these days compared to what there was 10 years ago, but the percentage of those who are consistently active is on a massive decline, I guess its like everything in life, when cunts have everything at their fingertips they take it for granted.


    As for style, now that it's basically acceptable to directly bite, and even in some cases (Cekios) it's praised provided you know your way around a can, a lot of writers are skipping the whole progression phase and just picking out a style they like, in most cases whatever is popular at the time, and running with it.

  5. Would you agree that graffiti used to be much more of a gateway to crime say ten years ago? These days the majority of newer writers are more than happy being legal eagles and day spot queens.


    At least it should push people to keep trying new styles...




    Unfortunately graff more than ever has become a popularity contest, and I guess writers don't feel they need to get up when they can post a throwup on Instagram and become an instant sensation.

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