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  1. Glebe Tram shed they were a bit cleaner then!!
  2. ??? went over the mono memorial and left the characters?????
  3. someone chuck up some spen stuff. that would be tops.
  4. dope dope!! Dems was the man! funky public styles and 1000 names. One of Sydneys best
  5. Haha yeah old skeez was the ref if i recall. Good old map world.
  6. Havent got that 1 thanks mits! good memories from the 90's. I just moved house and found all my old flicks got some gems ill post em up soon when i get sorted
  7. I need examples. I cant tell the difference between coke and pepsi
  8. what does spirit have to do with street painting
  9. Very sad to hear Mono was a nice bloke. Remember him running shit with old Spen in the late 90s early 00's. ....WR days!! ........WHO ROCKS.... Rest in peace
  10. Real writers wear full sergio tracksuits and dont get paint splatters on them.
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