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  1. TakeNotes


    i think there proBly koverd up, isnt that some old shit tho and that last tko pic is sick i like how klean it is, it just makes it look even Better
  2. dam that fu adoe is sick, Bump dhs mdr
  3. shit gotem and digets are starting to B my two fav writerz, their to dope,Bump cik dhs gotem digets
  4. TakeNotes


    where is werkz at, i thought he was Bombing with kier
  5. TakeNotes


    that shitz dope Bump tko and of korse Free Kroket
  6. Bump digets this shit is sick!
  7. TakeNotes


    shit everything bgn does is all pretty tight Bump bgn
  8. that cik dhs is pretty klean. Bump cik dhs krewz
  9. ^^^ ya that sounds stuiped ass fuck lol how the hell would they put a lil device in a spraycan that kan tell if your useing paint illegally or not...
  10. ya werkz is sick no dout.Bump werks
  11. werkz is a dope writer and kant wait to see what he does out there in them streetz
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