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  1. earmuffs head phones and a mic with the high frequency turned down. FUCK OFF AND DO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER NOT YOUR USELESS ONES MORE COMFORTABLE
  2. but yes murals look like 70's wall paper catalogs right now
  3. sens definately a trend setter not a trend follower. probly 15 years ahead of the style fasionists today
  4. Ummm my mistake if thAT SOUNDED anything but light hearted, true admiration for sydney oldschool !!
  5. http://www.theessentialshit.com/2011/07/caib-koc-rcf-interviewed-by-nexus.html Looked like nothing was gettingposted, not bad graFF for some old cunts
  6. diskoooooooooo shut up. and thanks for the flicks
  7. That's a super funky Monoes. Taking Casula away is the systematic removal of culture they dont control. forget all of that. Street art is really cool right now!!! New Fishbone album is out for anyone interested.
  8. voter is vicious, stylez n zen fuckin solid, that trans is wild too. This is the best thread on th the net
  9. those Lotus's = Dope. RIP Yeh Mits he might have been north, i havnt got alot of knowledge on who he painted with, will have to dig up some sketches he did n see who he put up on em, thanks anyway.
  10. Fuckin best posts in the last few days ive ever seen on the internet for real. Props for scanning n sharing all this funky freshness. It's exactly what todays writers need to see man! JUST WONDERING, do any of you blokes who where out n about in the 90's remember a Poise/Poize from sydney, he might have even been earlier, don't know for sure. He was the first real train (ex)writer i met when i was little kid n got to know a little bit before he had to move on before his time, rest in peace! He said he used to really get down in the train scene, like many back then, would love to see some of his pieces if someone caught his stuff, cheers.
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