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  1. All of you are gay and ruined graffiti, please delete my acount!!
  2. ^^^you niggas some period blood ass niggas yafeelme
  3. 1017 brick squad are all pokemon
  4. Very true. A lot of newbee's don't have that person to put them on and teach them witch is a big reason why there are so many toys. opinions only matter if you got style and have spots.
  5. That's where your wrong whore.....If your toy and you done your homework, know the history, know whats really good then your opinion can rock, but most of the time toys tend to not give a fuck "if you have not noticed'' and go over old pieces, tags etc etc. Thus their opinion is shit
  6. If toys spent the same amount of time they did on, but on paper, the city would not have changed. Toy's think hitting canvas's is practicing, or painting gets them better when its the total opposite. Rack a book, get a sharpy and spend time learning flow and shapes. That's all I'ma say about that. You can never be good at graffiti, you only get better with the amount of time you spend and the dedication you throw towards learning.
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