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  1. not really, its around 110 cans, Im willing to drive a few hours to meet up and drop them for less than a dollar a piece though. It probably wouldnt be worth the shipping cost on your end.
  2. 1 bill, includes all of the paint, minus the speaker
  3. Anyone in northeast georgia, or the southeast in general, Im moving across the country and am limited by the space in my car, so I have to get rid of some paint to make room for shit that I cant replace. I have a duffel bag full of user paint, 80% of them are unused, the others arent less than half full. Assorted rusto, 2x, dutch boy, fred's, etc. Also have to let go of my small humble collection. if you are in the southeast and are interested just hit me up and we'll discuss the dirty details. I dont feel like parting them out and shipping them off here and there, so Ill
  4. he meant why is the "stops rust" logo gold, obviously its a sunset yellow. i was going to ask the same question
  5. regardless of it being worth anything or rare, its a dope can and id keep it
  6. english rose is a nice color. im really digging that zynolyte can and osh can as well.
  7. Hal - its a sky blue, i tested it yesterday and was very impressed
  8. some more goodies and user paint. also picked up a top for a antique white high gloss 7794 in case someone needs it.
  9. did a small dig this afternoon, going to clean them up when i get home. anyone have some tops for borden era beige? scotts gold isnt paint, but i thought it was a cool can. hopefully i will have some more cans to post up later this week
  10. thanks man, theres a couple of places ive been finding them, and im loving all of the colors. there are 2 stores im finding them in, i just havent had the money to pick them all up. ill probably end up using a few duplicates, i really want another daffodil.
  11. went to a little spot about a half hour from my work that i havent been to yet. picked this little guy up for a greenback. owner said he had alot of cans at his house that he would bring down for me next week, so i should be bringing some more home soon. i dont know why the sunburst yellow is on the shelf. i just noticed that.
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