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  1. I got the motorcycle krylon cans. I'll take pics and post
  2. Yo Ivanputski, hit me up at mickeyavalon@me.com. Gotta few questions for you.
  3. Hit me up on my email...mickeyavalon@me.com I gotta bunch of cans you'd be into.
  4. Didn't mean to post this twice, but I messed up on the first one. Hit me up at mickeyavalon.com. You might have some cans I need. Thanks.
  5. Hit me up at mickeyavalon.com. I'm looking for a few cans, you may have. Thanks
  6. My bad, yes it is a Semi Flat. And damn, some nice finds this week! That Screamin Yellow with white writing is beautiful! Can't wait to see you in October!
  7. To thedonuthole... wanna trade your yellow one for anything in particular? or sell it?
  8. Minis... UltraFlat Black, and Hunter Green 66's, and Avacado, Bright Gold, Glossy White, and Workable Fixatif 68's
  9. Hit me up at mickeyavalon@me.com. I'm down to trade. Will post pics of dupes soon.
  10. Krylon RAZ-L DAZ-L Zappin' Green Just found this. Has anyone seen any other colors? Looks like some Gleamin the Cube type shit. ha ha
  11. Some Sherwin Williams Krylons with a David Choe painting in the background. Pink Pastel, Light Peach, Salmon, Rose, Dusty Pink, Hot Pink, Mahogany, Burgundy, Scarlet, Banner Red Satin, Sunset Orange, Mandarin/Allis Chalmers Orange, Terracotta, Popsicle(Safety)Orange, School Bus Yellow, Marigold Yellow/Caterpillar Yellow, New Caterpillar Yellow, Bright Yellow/John Deere Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Pistachio, Light Sage, Hunter Green, Regal Blue, Pacific Blue, Slate Blue, Violet, Safety Purple, Rich Plum, Purple
  12. still figuring this out. are my pics too big, or am i doing something else wrong?
  13. Just some Kmart Colors. If anyone has any other colors, lemme know.
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