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  1. STOLEN Not mine. [/img]
  2. Kreper


    In a restroom in shoreline [/img]
  3. Kreper


    I completely understand. My cousin made a tape telling his life story on it. After he passed I had to listen to it to type it out. He was like my brother, so I had to do it in MANY different sittings, hearing the voice was very tough. Speak your mind, as his loved ones can only hear him thru you, I suggest you keep on doing things for him/thru him, like the book, posting on sites like this, and reminding his fam and friends to keep puttin him up. God bless you maam, your in my prayers
  4. Kreper


    RIP. MBTM-I have lost a loved one recently, I feel your pain. Remember your son is up in heaven watching over you. Can you imagine the free walls he has up there to write on?!? My question is when can we expect the book, or shirts? I never met Kerse, but I have always respected him being in the Seattle graffitti scene myself, and would love to support his family. Much love to his mom/brother, and his 3a/btm crew.
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