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  1. Peace from CALI! bumb swer! im outs.
  2. i bet if the nigga that did this saw this would trip the fuck out. lol.
  3. yummp. my nigga stayin grimey wit it.
  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeee. thats the cutthroat right there. my nigga!
  5. you know what...thats actually true. or they paint in a backyard and post on myspace like they tight. FACT: new term for those niggas are called backyardigans. lol. i just made that up. :) fuck it. it is what it is.
  6. not me doggy. im in this shit for life.
  7. does it matter how much i go on here? i dont worry about graff and getting pics so i can act like im famous on 12oz. fool. get a life. =]
  8. is nobody paying attention to the elephants popping up? haha. if anybody knows who it is. hit me up. i wanna fuckin paint with them. -dserv
  9. i was there. it was too ill.
  10. yea. im pretty sure. cause why would sier from frn say per was pissed pie did that?
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