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  1. He's not from Tennessee but he lives in the state.
  2. This guy messaged me: Apparently his account is messed up or something, but he requested that I put this on here.
  3. "Pride cometh before the fall."
  4. 1. Yes, Toy move. 2. Most of you that are talking trash don't even do graffiti, or you did it a few times and that kid has a better tag than you. 3.(no names) When I was hosting a jam your daddy came into the place where I worked, asked for me by the name that I wrote, and "was prepared to make a donation to the organization" to let you paint at the jam. No names, of course. Ouch.....................
  5. yeah tell him, son.... tell him, son...... these bitaz so wizack, son......
  6. Right? Where ya'll hidin all the black people at?
  7. and don't let your tags be bigger than your piece. tasteful tags.
  8. i like where that skare is going with the solid letters throw some D's on it
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