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  1. bump satan btw looks like he took what the j-man said seriously at the last supper...;-)
  2. Love that weathered ichabod. the reclined skull...
  3. That is the truth..know someone else said that as well, but did this for re-enforcement of the point!!
  4. Your just wasting your breathe, or fingers on them, anyone who knows, knows. They have to attack because they realize they are wrong and its classic to attack someone who is trying to tell you the right "write" thing to do. I see your stuff come through my area all the time, never see any of their stuff.. and probably won't and if it does go through probably wouldn't give it a second look...
  5. Caught these near the hotel I stayed in last time I was in Cincy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mightyquinninlex/
  6. Did you learn how to post pre made posts from the hannah montana board? Nice work...lots of skill, thank god others make these for ya or you wouldn't be able to express yourself... I would expect to see stuff like that on a boy band fan site, not here... but I guess I was wrong..
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mightyquinninlex/4439406669/
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mightyquinninlex/
  9. Don't speak for everyone there buddy, I agree totally with him and he is right, be original and don't try to lift yourself up on others hard work, you can do that for yourself and gain respect other wise you'll have no respect and so others you have no self respect. No matter how much you deny it to yourself. Again talk for yourself and not everyone else... He has put in his time in this game and his opinion holds a lot of weight.. thats the way it works... look into it.. (just realized I was vague I am agreeing with fr8slayer fyi)
  10. Three from today.. more to come.... [got the right cons this time] Lots of new stuff on my Flickr Photostream
  11. The the last jiglo whole car fit the weather perfectly with the style and color...made me feel even coler than it was and it was cold...
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