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  1. ^obviously burners on trains and illegal walls are dope too
  2. pretty sure the kids you're talking about are out painting every night instead of doing a legal wall once every two months, and i'd rather see spaghetti and triangles on every wall than a super burnnna on one that's legal. not hating, just stating.
  3. witchkvlt up in dis piece, def ta fresh
  4. This thread is so slow that I'm actually starting to miss the haters at this point. At least it's something to look at when I'm too wired to sleep.
  5. iit's only appropriate that this dude gets some space on this page
  6. #instagramkilledmygraffitiforum
  7. yea, something that was old and drippy that was not good at all that had already been clipped by a toy ass hollow. nothing to worry about.
  8. a lot of moms and ngc throughout this guys videos https://www.youtube.com/user/benchedthatpiece/videos?view=0&flow=grid
  9. this one's the car you're talking about
  10. YO KIDDIES! painting hollows on five trains in a row on the line that's been sitting roadside for a month is a really easy way for workers and cops to see that people are using that yard and if you're too dumb to not realize shit like that blows spots then STAY THE FUCK OUT. and it was a really dumb idea for you to sidebust the fuck out of that one car... hope it was worth it.
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