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  1. bump them tc boys killing shit...
  2. alright fuckos.. heres the deal.. i am in negotiations with sires wife ( sire is locked up) to get his old flicks to post!! everybody keep your fingers crossed , bc he is the only one of us that didnt lose his flicks in katrina.. off the top off my head, i remeber 90's and 2000's shit from axe, harsh, base, kash,bomb, are ,ask, wesk, bean, asa, paint, nise, dose, soke ,bugs, real, wish, fuel, yours truly, sike, ker, shit man just about any body who was up in nola in that period!
  3. some late 90's aom funk from sire one.. aom inc irok FREE SIRE!!
  4. give a drunk ole man a can of paint,,,,,,,
  5. bump all of the above especially BUGS!
  6. bump the fuck out of that building!
  7. bump everybody putting in work.. especially topec amyk and peace seems like i see something new every other day from those cats.. happy kwanza!
  8. well i heard that.... WHO GIVES A FUCK.
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