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  1. This is what a Bump is, y'all. It's where you think something is dope enough to be re-displayed on the current page, so you quote it and ..."bump" it up. If you just say bump after everything it'll only make the pictures disappear more quickly. Just sayin'...
  2. This shit is embarrassing. Ciggy, dope flicks, thank you.
  3. I was deeply saddened to hear about this. Although I didn't know ynot personally, I started getting up around the same time as him and he was very inspiring to me. I was commuting from West Palm to Broward at the time, and his artwork made my car rides much more enjoyable. When I found out how young he was, I was amazed at his talent and abilities. Ynot you will never be forgotten. Your family and friends are in my prayers. RIP.
  4. "No Homo, No Beef... ...just something to think about." "It's not a matter of 'so they know who I am'. It's a matter of bombing; knowing that I can do it, you know? Every time I get in the train almost every day I see my name, I say yeah you know it I was there, I bombed it. It's for me, it's not for nobody else to see. I don't care about nobody else seeing it or the fact if they can read it or not. It's for me and other graffiti writers that we can read it. All these other people who don't write, they're excluded; I don't care about them, you know, they don't matter to me. It's for us." -SKEME
  5. Thank you Flip Flops. It's what happens when toys invade the fucking internet. Also, incorporating your name on 12 oz + patriot act = major fucking problems. Random shits & giggles:
  6. Bump the giant pickle with boxing gloves and a crown. The buff man is sleepin' this week. Go BOMB.
  7. ^^^ In case anyone wanted a panorama shot with the entire wall.
  8. I think every writer appreciates anyone who takes flicks and posts them online. The problem with this thread (that we can hopefully fix) is that it could reflect the streets of new orleans better than it does. Thanks to the internet, young suburban kids can look at TATS CRU and the best pieces on earth, and then neglect to post shit in their own city just because they don't "approve" of it or they've seen better. Try getting up in the places we do, then maybe you'll have more respect for every writer who is respectful and tries to give the city a unique flair. Some people on here seem to be so fucking opinionated about what's dope and who should be "bumped" that it may be difficult for cats who are trying to get into the game to get any respect. This thread is a good place to check out some n.o. graf, but it could be a better one. The last thing any writer is looking for is to meet the approval of graffiti fans who sit around eye humping backyard pieces and judging everyone else's work. New Orleans is a city that greatly appreciates all forms of art...unlike any city I've ever lived in. Unfortunately, people take this for granted on a daily basis. Some are big headed and think they are the shit, while others continue to judge. That kind of attitude is the exact reason why more people aren't getting up. Go look at other threads from major cities if you don't believe me. There are lots of flicks of all types of graffiti, and people don't just post flicks of their own shit or shit they approve of. I will back up my words with photos because I recently got a new camera and have tried to help this thread along. It's important to me. I'm sick of driving around and seeing great get ups by different people, and then coming here and seeing flicks that don't reflect the streets. On top of that the same couple of people sound like a fucking broken record bumping like the same writers over and over and over. When people start to care more about the well-being of the scene here as a whole, and less about themselves...graffiti will flourish. It doesn't mean graf can't be competitive...it just means there are a lot of blank/empty walls out there that could be getting painted but instead people keep bullshitting around doing other shit. This is not directed to anyone specifically, but rather the participators in the thread as a whole. We don't need to be best friends, but we need to show a little fucking solidarity. Please.
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