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  1. A lot of people, mostly strangers have been telling me sayings lately that mean a lot. So I was wondering how many of you, have really goods sayings, quotes, wisdom, etc.... Post away!
  2. I recommend this to the solid hitters out there. If you can paint a Train yard with headphones on I would extremely recommend any of the below artists and related bands. You have to speed up the process of your brain then you love it! converge-The high cost of playing God Scholastic Deth-Shit peddlers aka wiltpolitik Infest-Mindless Spazz-The ones with the goats got an orgy up the sleeve Spazz-Street jam to the second power Magrudergrind-Suburban blood shed MF Doom-Beef rap Dropdead-A nation sleeps Asterisk and Jenny Piccolo split-Tank om jag voreen dods maski Magrudergrind-Hilter Only Had One Testicle Pt. 1 Magrudergrind-Gangrene on your feet Apartment 213-Lockweld infection Album-Cleveland Power Violence
  3. a lot of LA heads very nice post
  4. kwest just rockd ur faces off
  5. Dang i just saw this line in LA 2 months ago
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