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  1. posted em a few years back..found on a external hard drive..Enjoy
  2. is nobody else absolutely flabbergasted by Exist?! tons of props to mr Exist for coming back!!
  3. Edit that piece is absolutely mind blowing, props to you homie, and everyone else getting it in, serious props, everyone is on another level!! nice weather = more paintin!!
  4. Anniversary of the death of The Notorios B.I.G. today, R.I.P.!!!!!
  5. This thread been going in a great direction, no bullshit....some great history lessons in here, werd up to bezerc and es1!! props to everyone doing there thing.
  6. Acid, changed the whole perspective of this thread.....some really great jams of inspiration in here.....thank you acid....lets keep what anyone has coming!
  7. Still Doing His thing out there........Very nice emit, millions of props.
  8. idk about that.....def one of the most famous, but there are some people that rocked it hard body back in the day....he definantly did too tho......millions of props to cycle.....and jive, flicks like those are what i hope for everytime i log into 12oz......gret set of flicks man.
  9. kve is funny as fuck hahahhahahahahahah.
  10. i've got this strong feeling you've got me and him mixed up, im the fat midget..HAHA.....get your jokes straight before you try to crack on niggas mr "im makin money son!" EVERYBODY in this city would son you.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03ybqP7G6Po
  12. HATER, homies in one of the most well respected crews out of this area, jealousy strikes again.......good shit kve and jeg, keep on keepin on!
  13. LOL.....i cant believe it crossed your mind on what year to write, hahah.....very nice tho man.
  14. it looks like JAS over them.....but im not sure....so dont quote me.
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