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  1. Horace n fowl..UPS once again.
  2. Sour,fowl,Horace,,ores----props.otherthan that I see a bunch of hipster/generic foreign looking letters.big upsto woem and lords crew.dope tride e2e. o
  3. I think that creed is dope.
  4. I love these phony crew hoppers that jump from here to there and don't have balls enough to say anything to anybody.now i know why you 2 have been avoiding me but its cool.its real cool bc from now on in stomping out all your shit i see.that's the problem w these virgin writers.they jump from here to there just bc they're riding someones sick(lf).i don't have a problem w any lfs but i do w 2certain ones but its cool.they will be done w graff when they figure that something else is "cool" or finish art school or even venture outta thes hardcore scene.but thats cool.stay trendy.oh yeah ps,there
  5. This news just blows me away.rip to one of the best to hold a can.
  6. I like that new t2k member. Stapl ....damn slie ..keep me posted.
  7. these two are awesome.t2 k
  8. props to zoner and fowl. i like that woem too.t2k.definitely bumps to meskoe....bw.nice jerx and ish digital
  9. i like that secret fowl...t2k all day.props to my nigga ores....moms.renoe t2k
  10. ncking


    crack as fuck.....mad props.........
  11. grift is fire son....i remember you from back in the lert days....when you used to come with meskoe.big ups bro.
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