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  1. I didnt know REOT changed his name so fast :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Bump REOT!! http://m.ksbw.com/news/Salinas-store-covered-in-graffiti/26336444
  3. It's almost 2013 and I still don't know who werm is
  4. Graffiti is for losers...
  5. Oh my jesus i have a mustache.... -__-
  6. @saenoner in boot camp And alchemist wen i see u ima beat ur ass.. Serio
  7. @ saen oner or watever ur name is... It aint runnin no more.. I disses all of it Bump not painting in over 8 months .. It felt akward..
  8. @screaming hand logo na i was in boot camp for 6 months @werm u can only find em in the holecaust times man... Srry dude
  9. Screaming hand logo!! My bestfriend!! Im back lol
  10. Lame ass dude.. Jokes on u man.. U make me laugh.. See u later alligator... Im outs
  11. Haha ur a lil jew fry bro.. Tell u wat... Go find the nearest tree ... Tie a rope to it.. And hang urself :lol:
  12. :lol: Fuk u and ur wana be e-fame.. Jst cuz u kiss ass on here dnt mean u out killin streets.. U jst hide behind a screen... Fukin lame
  13. Thats wat ur mom said :)
  14. I meant the kade_one posts... All those dudes are gay
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