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  1. I will be going to this tomorrow:




    BFM Cuvee Alex Le Rouge

    Prairie Ales Prairie Bomb

    Evil Twin Even More Jesus

    Port Santa's Little Helper

    Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

    Omnipollo Agamemnon

    North Coast Old Rasputin XV

    Midnight Sun Moscow Rye

    Drakes Zinful Drakonic

    Struise Black Berry Albert

    Emelisse Creme Imp Stout

    Drake’s Blue Bottle

    Struise Black Berry Albert

    Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch "Weasel"

    Firestone Velvet Merkin BA Imperial Oatmeal Stout


    There's a couple on that list that a few of you should be salivating over.


    Anyone know if CountChoc still lives across the street from the trappist?



    This one? Had it today, it was delicious.

    Did not like the zinful drakonic, overwhelming amount of berries in that.

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