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  1. damn bro, blessin upstate with flicks, blessin the whole 12 oz for that matter
  2. bummp the old kingston and pk ewoks, and my dude rez up top with the track suit
  3. sake uses the same a, but who cares its a throw up n a very generic style
  4. painted with ultra last fall, homie is definitely a good dude, the imok df and sports burners from 15 20 years ago are still doper then half the shit i see now a days
  5. damn homie, lets see a whole car, since you takin it to the next level with every cartoon worth watchin and shit
  6. i bet it was wack, i never did produce anything good with that kid, got any flicks tho, curious to see the mess i made haha
  7. and fuck that billboard slowing down traffic
  8. ^ that shit right there niggguhhh
  9. bushwick brooklyn all day, hounds doesnt disrespect people, and bump the fuck out of albany right noe
  10. you know theres another upstate ny thread, pm me
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