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  1. for whoever gets on here still n to my haters who havent even been around as long as ive had a 12oz account(:
  2. shut up lets see a picture of you doing something beside a tag in a bathroom or on a gas pump...
  3. lol the scenes dead because 12oz isnt poppin shut up. bar power^ dopest flick i seen the past few pages ha
  4. this nigga just did slime on her leg im sure shes happy then we got this nigga slammin xanax? cool your the writer who shoots up lets let everyone no...not a good look dude.
  5. an thanks for posting me as if there wasnt enough keroe to look at...
  6. lol your more into me then my girl you fag get off my jock i see you tryin to make me look bad but how many times i gotta tell you I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK.
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