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  1. i'm digging that fade tenky. 12 oz says i got heart 0 friends. lemme get on a wall yo! fo wealz. i got paint i need to use.
  2. i hope everyone else feels as inspired by this as i did
  3. i would send that crazy hippie chick on a trip to another dimension with my magic wand. just because she rants on teh intarwebs. utubes!!!!!
  4. JAS 7 lamp lighter tall bikes
  5. after death all day another dilemma artistic defecation
  6. don't own anything drunk on aerosol dragons on acid
  7. this is nice. reo with the flow. lovin the easy and the celo and good to see craze back, hairy ass mofo.:lol:
  8. tree smoking individuals:scrambled:
  9. friday, saturday, and sunday night staple for underage drinkers available on park ave 24/7 circa 1995. and dont forget the dubra or the olde english (my personal preference). stratford cops are skinhead motherfuckers. pickin up liqus for 25 a bot. hell yeah. i miss the 90s
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