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  1. Your straight letters suck dick, you don't paint, and you do roller blades. Stop talking.. and for those kids, there's an AP crew in Atlanta thats been around for years, look into it.
  2. Nobody is supposed to hit those spots because cabus did something off the side? those are primo spots. Reminds me of something Kalus would do, and then kick anybody who disagreed in the head!
  3. oh shit, the Tennessee on the millionS
  4. Just caught a freight up here, landed outside indianapolis. If anyone's down to paint or chill, give me a shout. I'm currently sleeping on the rooftop of a Panera right outside the city, so if you got some spots, a car, or a floor, PM me... -Mr. Tier U.H. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v232/Grocker/koxxx/100_0716.jpg
  5. You're just jealous you're not in 84 crew!
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