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  1. My best friend dies in a river kayaking accident.

    No one tells me for a week.

    Even my mom finds out before I do.

    From my friend's mom.

    Because they talk a lot.

    I then find out it had something to do with a girl he was dating at the time. Which makes sense, right?

    I end up watching a video of this girl tittyfucking another guy and cumswapping with some girl.

    Dream ended with me coming to terms with the grief, knowing that I helped my friend have a good life.


    Glad he's not dead. Weird nightmarish dream. Blame trazodone.

  2. Unfortunately...


    (taken from a poster's comment here: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Zodiac-Killers-Code-Cracked--126222953.html)


    Um, yeah. The cipher decoder also claims he figured it out because the area code for US Virgin Islands mentioned in the cipher is 340. The area code didn't exist until 1997, five years after the alleged author died, and nearly 28 years after he supposedly published.


    Also, palm prints found on Zodiac's letters didn't match Allen. This is a crazy fucking case. Check this out, too.





    The woman is one of the killer's victims, and police are trying to figure out who that man is because he looks a lot like the composite sketch of the killer. I doubt the killer actually knew his victims, but who knows.


    Also, I really like David Fincher's movie adaptation.

  3. Didn't mean to blow up your spot, BOATS. I made an ad on CL just to see what would happen. Got a lot of decent looking girls trying to get me to sign up for dating sites so they could "verify" me. Be careful!

  4. 66565d37.jpg







    She wants to hump. Sent me these pics.



    What say ye smash or trash thread!?



    I'll prolly smash regardless....


    LOL same girl emailed me after I posted a joke Casual Encounter on craigslist! Best part is, she kept emailing me after I DIDNT respond, acting as if she was replying to something I said. Don't trust, bro!

  5. Hooked up with a cutie when I was 16. We were both on the same exchange program flying to France. We were on AirFrance so we drank wine and enjoyed a whole middle section to ourselves that we found. She wasn't having that mile-high-club airplane bathroom.


    Recently I was on a coast to coast flight sitting next to a woman in her early 20s who told me she was in the Marines. I hate small talk, but I really hated it with this chick, especially since she was all about it, so I tried my best to brush her off. Still though, she insisted on telling me about how badly she had to pee as we were taking off. I didn't say anything. I proceeded to watch her blow 10 bucks or whatever it is on WiFi for her laptop and chat on Facebook for the next 4 hours. Of course I was gonna look. She hit up a bunch of dudes who's display names started with things like Sgt and always started out with, "What's up, turd?" Basically, I found out about how she's getting passed around like an ounce blunt at her base, wherever she's stationed, getting rammed by married dudes. One guy told her to go to the bathroom and take a "naughty picture" of herself. She perked her head around, looking for where a bathroom might be, but never got up to go do anything. Prude bitch.

  6. i have herd ny has that shwag tree. that no good. that bam bam.


    Depends who you get it from, just like in any other city that doesn't have MMJ. I smoke bud that is equally as potent as the medical in Cali. Probably because it is most likely medical shipped out from Cali. The game has changed.

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