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  2. I don't think you understand, go back a couple of pages and read before you start. And I can really care less about covering my tracks, Im stating what I see, and if you don't like it. Then..... don't get butthurt buddy.
  3. your right about all that but Im talking about this year and what i've seen from the R.
  4. Ariteyy... Demon, keep saying that im Persian..... I'll just act like you know it all...
  5. lol, on the real, Idno why you think im Persian... Im not Persian nor Middle Eastern....Don't let the name fool you.
  6. Well then why stick your fucking nose into shit? If your into the *GRAFF* and not into the thug shit, stay the fuck out and mind your business.
  7. show some dick pics? man you must be GAY!, You like the charisoh? fucking fagnuts. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE AND GO TAKE SOME FLICKS YOU TOY!
  8. By the way Papa, make sure you pass broadway lil homie. It aint hard to get your GED*
  9. Thats funny, puro norte but yet a smurf is blue, come on bro... you a trader?
  10. Come again you blue smurf, learn to write a proper sentence before you come back at a beast acting like you have some knowledge. I front, but you never will...... Wtf you fronting?
  11. Only fools who put up that R 1 0 and did it big was SB, BUKET, AND HINDUE.
  12. Stand out the most for being people who line fools out and stir drama, Now tell me when did KYT ever do that? Better yet why dont you KYC " kill your computer " and do some steady research before you start yappin that R10 out your mouth.
  13. Man, papa smurf, I hope ur not serious... Roten aint killing shit other then catching tags and lining fools out.
  14. Hey you fucking pathetic piece of "ROTEN" shit, im waiting on my picture that you have of me.. Why you keep wasting time and coming up with pathetic jokes. QUIT THE BULLSHIT! Im on some real ass shit, so either come correct or shut your fucking mouth, Cuz I will ruin your e-credit and show you how much of a coward you really are. Your pathetic, and you aint from the 510, you stupid cockaroach!
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