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  1. Whos on the inside? uptop
  2. Whos on the inside? uptop
  3. http://westernfame.com/draw.html Whatchu got modesto!
  4. I know what Im talking about your the one assuming shit
  5. That's not what Im saying at all wasn't even talking about you I said your shit looked good. Im just saying look at the dope pieces people used to do in modesto compared to now old destro and omega when he would come through blc ect...
  6. I guess I just mean intricate pieces everyone's going simple these days but whatever times change I guess
  7. Im not talking about the phrase........
  8. whynot??


    ohio Im coming back for you baby dont worry
  9. Everyone's trying to do poppy cute shit what happen to that valley grime that came through about 5 years back... Those three are cool up there though
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