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Everything posted by ahootnahollar

  1. bummp killin the north hard..big props! shit is coming real correct
  2. seen a whole train ride by today best one outta em all was a sone/kerse train..mad props
  3. big ups to AOW.. them firre extingishers aint no joke..catchin wreck! and ups to da lil dude rson.... i see ya all in the hood...
  4. tell me how u gonna "piece" but cant tag..?
  5. what went down at the fest? anyone fresh?
  6. bangin^^ big ups to drips crew!
  7. who in here is into straight huslitlin..street pharmacist....?? holla at me
  8. why dont we jus go to the valley and bomb there building???
  9. dont u know how to read ...go to school or somethin and u posted 300 times and still cant read graff..jus delete ur account playa
  10. milwaukee fucking SUCKS DICK
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