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  1. glad to see that "TOM" .dude is a beast from japan? had a blast with him in bangkok. pushin msk now?? and d30...fuckin dope


    He's been from MSK for a long ass time now. Didn't know he was pushing D30 now. R.I.P Detroit's TOM.

  2. Damn, AL's been around since 89?! I always thought they kinda just blew up in the 2000s.


    They have been around for a long minute now. If you lived in the Boyle Heights/East L.A. area around that time you would have seen them up a lot. HAEL, REVE, SESTO, KOVE, PROVE, RESCUE, DEZIE, TOUR, SEGA, WIZARD, MESE, and others were doing it. Even CHAKA repped it fo a bit! They were from different crews, but they all repped AL. It wasn't the HUGE crew it is today all over the US, but they have a big history in early L.A. graff until today.

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