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  1. plaq, youre bad, stop talking. if you need some encouragement send me a pm, ill meet up with you and help you out with that problem. i promise
  2. zaes been doing his thing alot longer than that. if you were painting in portland back then it was hard not to paint with bore now and then, he was kind of everywhere you went.
  3. support me! no money needed, just send beer and al pastor tacos. thanks guys
  4. theres AF and DK, that tag has nothing to do with either of them.
  5. ZSKI, cause hes ruggedly handsome
  6. you know how you get the chills when jerry springer is on, you feel embarrassed for the people on the show? thats how that video made me feel. youre trying too hard, and it makes you look silly. showing the mlk sign at the beginning? maybe if you lived around there when it was union ave, and actually kinda hood, MAYBE!
  7. i know its wrong, but i wanna say he was painting with sawb? im probably way off. got any mississippi flicks laying around? that was the first legal wall i ever spent any real time around, would be fun to see. edit* one of my favorite writers back then way seok, show me the seok!
  8. the raer and shoe looks like it was done with ms paint.
  9. what the hell is a marcia dennis? and why do i care about this broad?
  10. makes me want some ice cream. fun colors
  11. after all these years, grease still has a KO waiting for him. pm me if you want to put some money on my paypal account. anyone from his crew can contribute if theyd like to. 300 bucks pal
  12. thats cool they allowed you to film the gathering like that trogg. and thats a cool crab you painted too, would be better with a kango and some fat laces though, just sayin
  13. anyone from the fake amf crew that would like to meet up shoot me a pm and we will work something out( i hit you in the face a bunch and you stop writing amf). sleep tight portland. hi iron chef and trogg. kisses .while were at it, hi perel too, i miss the old fellas.
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