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  1. I agree. Im just fueling the fire. I will stop. Let him die.
  2. If you cant figure out why someone would write multiple names then you shouldnt be doing graffiti. Mr. Eats Shit: come to SF with your 800 cans and try to bomb like you claim. I double dog dare you. Or just stay in Brawley and smash your computer so we dont have to hear your bullshit.
  3. Mr. Eats Toys is the comic relief we all needed. "What, holtville's my shit sonny, Brawley's where that shit started, holtville's just some new booty's with spanish montana, and that plutonium g, for all you suckas, get up on that so you'll be greening the Earth. It should be the only paint used, too bad their cans look dumb. I will always rep Krylon, Rusto, Clash & GRL Lab. Look for that new AZ video. Back to Brawley." What?!?!:confused: Im on the yellow cake uranium hype.
  4. Don't you have anything better to do? Go change your moms diaper or something.
  5. Posters are not graffiti. Sorry Mr. Fairey, but posters are for fairies.. Obey this dick.
  6. Wow. I leave this shit alone for a day or two and all hell breaks loose. How about Seer goes to LA and takes on Tusle on his own turf. Just a suggestion. If its serious beef then my understanding is to take out everything thing the opponent has. Or meet at the spot where it all began and last man standing gets the wall.
  7. It seems like Chan is a scapegoat. People seem to be mad because he gets up more than them. Get over it. This kid seems like he is in it for the long run. All you flash in the pan writers need to give it a rest. Dont get mad because he is pretty much up against the whloe city and doesnt give a shit and still bombs harder.
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco What will happen next?!?!?! Is there going to be play by play posts as they fight? Who will take the title??
  9. Please take this wannabe tagbager, gangbanger, internet tough-guy bullshit back to the San Jose thread. Its bad enough we have to share the bay with you idiots. Go cruise you hooptie downtown or something, wear eyeliner and listen to Depeche Mode or some shit.
  10. Alot of the writers that get jocked on this thread are from outta-town.
  11. Re: Don't Call it Frisco No disrespect to TK or TDF whatsoever. But local SF writers need to take their blinders off and realize that there is graffiti all over the world and our city make a huge impact on the rest of the world thanks to the writers that have come from other cities and paid their dues and payed respect to our city.
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