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  1. Frank is a mad man Wasp and Levis auto is sick,....
  2. My bad dude through you was trying to get down with him, just go to that fools house if he is going over your stuff
  3. You should be more embarrassed that you are on here telling the fake esay to get at you....
  4. damn.....that green and purple nosey is the shit
  5. damn goes coming real nice with this last one.....
  6. It don't fucking matter what its is , its an unkle who put in way more work then most people in this city and was a close homie to a lot of people in this city so you just fucked up major...... eat shit and die you fucking pussy
  7. damn that wasp and levis wall killed it
  8. that Beta and Mines UPFE is sick,,,,,,
  9. What are you talking about ? The spot got buffed out and it was unfinished. Got no problems and nothing but respect for Hiena so stop trying to make something that its not.
  10. wasp, phao and goes ..... that last goes is real nice
  11. Anyone still pushing UH in Nashville? If so PM me....
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