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Everything posted by sacksplayer

  1. stumbled across this one...juicy
  2. KASR and VOYER.....ya'll make a brutha miss painting!
  3. Remix! Bump the last couple pages, minus that obscene blur of toy kid shit. Kut The Krap you no-style havin wannabeez!
  4. Those mugs G'd the Colosseum out!
  5. fuck it...a few more to top the night off
  6. juicy juicy juicy juicy juicy
  7. and a personal favorite...
  8. a few more throwbacks for the bunch...
  9. or if youre a graff scholar, do both!
  10. Prolly more like 58 this year
  11. ...and a few reposts for funsies! I LOVE HANDSTYLES
  12. a few camera phone flicks. good night.
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