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  1. revok... stop posting pics of writers who havnt been outted on the news like you on ur blog dude.. it doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure out whos who with pics of their graff right next to you guys at the grand canyon or whatever...because of ur blog i now know who certain writers look like that i should have no idea about... ur ego has got you in enough trouble with posting everything you do and u havnt seemed to learn but why do it to others..


    Fuckin piss on this turd

  2. Graffiti in it's current state: A bunch of people run around with colorful paints and make paintings. Then they post pictures of their pretty paintings online, and them and a bunch of other guys talk about the paintings, and gossip about the artists.


    I could be describing 8th grade art class somewhere just as easily huh? What a, like, total mindfuck, dude.

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  3. Lil Wayne kisses Baby (not to mention he sags his pants) and ya'll look away? Man I miss Gangstarr...


    Sign of the times.......I mean just check out what graffiti has come to on this page alone.

    Lil Wayne kissing Baby is reflected all over in todays graffiti....but it cant be '93 forever now can it?



  4. i see enough graff for this thread to be bumping. guess you niggaz are holding them flick close to your chest.

    Go to the pro's and stop playing AA ball, lamers.


    Some people just aint Emo enough to get there work snapped......go figure.

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