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  1. is this F'ing Lisa Evers https://24.media.tumblr.com/826adf33a06f10b8d8e59720a67c6508/tumblr_myg08eA9wI1stap42o1_1280.jpg
  2. Damn thats a stupid thing to say! you could have said something to the effect of POKE IBM "the original"
  3. are those old Sace pieces up top under everything? RIP
  4. WEIRD ONE the original!!!!!! 97 shit!
  5. young man. AS 1 was a fuckin KING on the belt parkway!
  6. damn kid,you had to go over a 15 year old ench throw up! you tapped the shit,now some other toy will go right over it!
  7. RIP Poke BS... Always cool.. Never on some tough guy bullshit!!!! I know he had it rough health wise.Rest in peace!
  8. what does that shit in the gold say? i like it,but have no idea why,because i aint got clue on what it says
  9. yo ! upper ditmars is mad gangster son!
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