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  1. cool colors and crisp clean on that ill lil mma jam...Loot.
  2. damnnn..1 letter per panel..crushin it..word to rockin mad words on a spot like that...Loot.
  3. erythang good on this page..lolbsters! w-l on that px..real fresh crazy pieces..stepped it up a notch with extra dimension..real solid pieced up hopper...Loot.
  4. like that new outline done up twice from that cat..best yet..poppin lockin letters..mustard and ketchup nugget..fat floatin flare and the year that it is..red hand with pink shell and floater piece below that but up high..and that silver simple smoker .. . LOOT.
  5. nice to see that wall get hooked up top to bottom..kinda like whats going on with the satin panties RTH..dat grey fill and the colors on dat piece look cool..impressive job and spot..ran for a bit...Loot.
  6. see das da same girl..check the left arm wrist charm..fresh ass green piece with cinderblok background..damn that roller is cleann..like how they respected the black and bright green piece with the bright green and black roller..best roller fill ever. LOOTOOL
  7. and to finnish things off with a bang... 1007.
  8. 2DSCN3379 by 2DSCN3339 by 2DSCN1955 by 2IMG_1776 by 2IMG_1159 by 2IMG_2666 by 2IMG_2665 by 2IMG_2010 by 1007.
  9. 1IMG_1575 by 1IMG_1049 by 1IMG_1051 1IMG_1047 by 1IMG_1818 1007.
  10. DSCN2906 by IMG_0241 by nuDSCN2830 by nuDSCN2190 by nuDSCN2096 by [url=http://www.flickr.com/peop 1007.
  11. Picture 51 by/url], on Fickr what chall doin on mah paige? Picture 46 by , on Flickr Picture 14 by , on Flckr Picture 13 by , on Picture 12 by Picture 11 by Picture 4 by [url=http://www.flickr.com/ 1007.
  12. lol..tru dat! thats awesome..better than b2k, right? Loot. (juss had to BUMPBUMPBUMP)
  13. dopel lil brite simples on that CN hop..that pandoras is impressively well-done..check dat 3d all matching up right..wow..bold benchin by daaaa bull..WALL PIECES! why would they roll over the good simples when they cant even hire a decent landscaper??! Loot.
  14. fresh piece and lil character rockin the stoehauk...Loot.
  15. looks like someone tried to diss the big k on the auto, but their paint faded or flaked..nice and timely C&C...Loot.
  16. ultra ill simple in the middle...LOOt.
  17. Double D with the ill letters!! melted buttercheese background...lootool
  18. bump this page for the most part..best piece i seen from the brown buff wall...Loot.
  19. that last flick..er..O'doyle rules! Loot.
  20. a throw up top..throw next to bordo..grey n red piece..around the world hollow(s)..butter green gangster lean on a newie new with cool numbers(that panel is too propper)...LOOT.
  21. 7 colors on the street! mirrored windows..and stompin that trailer! that R is money...Loot.
  22. illmatic above me...Loot.
  23. nice to see somebody pinched a loaf infront of that piece...LooT.
  24. lazy trackside funk wall looks right..nice simple backboard..R takin out the toys with red...Loot.
  25. that silver throw letters are best from right to left...LOOT.
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