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  1. creas i actully agree with you
  2. asylum, good call, your in the no mangy
  3. just statin while your littering a webpage not the lines with repulsive hoodumy
  4. home and away to days of our lives, either way you are all a bunch of faggots. and your not quite near the school holidays yet so you can not be stayin at your best mate rekwitas house for the night bombin up sick on the lines
  5. sorry cameron, i clearly am an idiot
  6. whats hip hop got to do with graffiti?
  7. hahaha alrite man you do it ! ! !
  8. damn this conversation is gettin better and better. days of our livess shiatttt
  9. Ill be sure to have a roll handy next time to harness my skills...
  10. maybe if they spent less time doin dustys in their chop bowls and more time sketchin they might recieve a little ricky ponting approval pat for their efforts. anyways, good night teto
  11. whilst rolling down the city west bike path
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