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  1. Cosmo1

    blackbook/slapper swap Richmond CA

    tryna swap. tfnpibyb
  2. Cosmo1

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Keep this thread alive. there is so much activity in SF its a shame its not in here.
  3. Cosmo1

    925 - east of the east bay

    DAMN HAHAHA i havn't seen pics of these EVER! thank you for this.
  4. Cosmo1

    Don't Call it Frisco

    WHAT!? SADFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Cosmo1


    TFN: Thanks For Nothing Tacos Fajitas Nachos Taking Fools Nickles Those Fiendishly Nasty Kids Thizztacular Friday Nights Taking Fame Naturally This Families Nocturnal Touchin Firm Nipples Tags Frequently Noticed Time For Nyquil YGC: Young Gunz Crew Ya'll Got Crossed Ya'll Gonna Cry BYB: BackYard Bullies Bang Your Block Burnin Your Blunts Berkeleys Young Barons Bloody Your Bitch Brake Ya'll Bones Back Your Boys
  6. Cosmo1

    partying in portland...

    Ey. Anybody in cottage grove? im staying up here for a day but i dont know any spots.and i need to find somewhere to get Caps. Hit me up.
  7. Cosmo1

    partying in portland...

    bump bonus
  8. Cosmo1

    partying in portland...

    Ay anybody from cottage grove?
  9. Cosmo1

    BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF Official Thread.

    Fell sucks dick.
  10. Cosmo1


    wtf . . . that throwie is insane. thast one big ass ladder. n allot of paint.
  11. Cosmo1

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Re: Don't Call it Frisco ima Rapist :D
  12. Me and my friends were walking down Shattuk in Berkeley and we were bout to hit up this Perfect White just buffed Car Dealership and we were walking up and this Bum Jumps up and Starts walking towards us Fist clapped and everything. we Freaked out and started walking backwards hella fast and then he says . . . "Oh you guys are Taggers. i thought you were gonna beat me up." we laughed and did our Throwies and left.