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  1. i dont understand where these kids find out about this site...
  2. that one wall in all silver is insane. bump that shit
  3. naked bitches all day. and i do know about history. and i burn you let alone i dont post flicks (sucks penis constantly) so grow and live and learn.
  4. not at all....i know as much history as you do. i might not subscribe to every fucking magazine you do. but i guess i just might have to to get on you level.
  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
  6. hahahahahahaha thats someone claim "your crew" and in all cases he BURNS!!! you. e-thugs...if thats what you wanna call it. where did you find this guy on myspace?? rep that shit homie.. fucking faggot. giving butt aids
  7. your a faggot that gets done in the butt and cant paint.. i would rather be a no one than some wack old man that cant paint and thinks he famous and get done in the butt.. everybody agree with that one??
  8. I'm glad you old washed up chump, keep laughing. you fucking has been. someone please ban him from this whole fucking site!
  9. you know what i have been holding this back..you have talked shit to me in the past and i held back. fuck you fool you have no fame no muscles no money. and to end it all you SUCK!!!..shut the fuck up!!!! god you suck!!!! i'll burn you with my left hand as i knock you the hell out with my other.grow the fuck up how old are you, talking about you'll kick my teeth in......why dont you come to my neighborhood and see whats up and no need to bring anybody. it'll be one on one and see if you dont go to the hospitl. and no need to bring weapons, i stay with the red beam like darth vader. come with it homie they allllll haters.. i cant wait for you bullshit trying to be hard "quote". anybody that knows me on here knows i handle my biz and you can see me anywhere. if your so old learn to fuckin grow up, be a man. if you think your sooooo good you shouldnt have an EGO the size that you do and everyone can agree with me on that one. maybe its TIME! get better in what you claim as graff fuckin chump! OLD MAN! i say nothing but the truth.
  10. because they are ruthless. perfect for police, I train schutzhund, look it up. there really was no need to quote me
  11. that police video is tight thats a belgian malinois, there fucking nuts they are the altimate attack dogs..you even saw how it attacked its owner..
  12. i got bit by a Hobo spider last october..the bite got soo infected it was about the size of a melon..shit gave me a scar..so i offically hate spiders
  13. she smokes bongs..much a plus.. i'd beat
  14. Re: the SIGH DOS thread yes! keep this thread going
  15. wasnt talking about you son, talking about the DBK wall. grow up man
  16. damn that was a dope wall..too bad
  17. america's oldest brewery, one of my favorite beers
  18. bump KAU..hit me on the PM
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