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  1. Haaa..I noticed that, too.There were a few other tags floating around in that episode,

    but I forgot what they were..


    I think I remember hearing that one of the creators of the show is or was a writer..

    I don't recall whether he was west coast or east coast, though.For all we know, he's a fellow

    12 oz.er..probably a channel zero head..nah.


    That Korgoth show is the shit, though.


    yeah i believe that the creator is or was a writer, i noticed ALOT of graff references. for example, i noticed that on tonites episode, that when they were releasing that big huge guy from his resting spot (i forget name, because im so fuckin tired) the hieroglyphics showed a can of spray paint, and the trains and walls were done in that city. i never seen that show previously, but ever since i read this thread yesterday, i decided to watch it. i noticed there were tags in a laundromat too. so yeah, basically im sayin, i would believe it.

  2. ha im still a toy, but i remember, when i was about 5, i was riding my bike, and i saw this huge graff throw, but then i didnt care what it said. anyway, i got out my watercolor markers and drew a big X on the wall, ruined my marker, after 15 minutes of waiting for the cops NOT to come I did another with another color. I went back the next day and it was gone. I felt so hardcore, even though it was gone. hahaha. then when i turned 13, i was at my grams house and i saw a huge piece on the side of a train that read "feria", ever since then iive been obsessed with graff.


    *edited for typos*

  3. Okay, im from a little "city" (in my area its considered a city, but its more like a town) where everyone is pretty much out to get each other (they will call the cops for stupid shit). and if someone calls, the cops are there in a matter of 2 minutes. in my town, you cant do any graff without someone calling the cops or the cops seeing you, so basically, you cant do any good shit. I watch movies and stuff online, where they are out in the middle of the street, doing huge pieces, that may take hours at a time, yet, they never get caught? i mean can someone tell me how no one calls the cops, or the cops never come by while you are in the middle of a piece? i mean how can you sit in the street for hours and no one acknowledges it? its got me wondering.

  4. change trayc to trane. you will be so cool d00d. why not? you should write futura or cope2. then make some posters of andre the giant and put OBEY under them. youll be the hottest writer ever.

  5. eda93842.jpg




    Yeah, It came out kinda bad with the pencil and bad camera... so i digitally redid it with photoshop. I know there's no color, im just posting it basic to get criticism on the ouline. any ideas? *edit* photobucket messed up my picture, now the quality sucks ass.

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