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  1. cool Afrika flicks….theres a nice adze spot on the st charles streetcar line… yay.
  2. y'herd! peace to all of you new orleans scoundrels putting it down!
  3. dear Sneek, "teh", Devn, Sonar and anyone affiliated with you currently painting midcity... (minus achu your stuff is pretty decent) please stop painting in mid city... or get miles better before you subject people to your "throwups" ...mid city doesn't need you toying it up. thanks, Ken82.
  4. resk and serch! good guys... suey looking stylee really digging that dabs too mesm and joxe and harsh too!
  5. word up to smere and the gang. it's been a while glad to see you guys still going... and putting up with the brother goosey. <3 kennykahoot1982
  6. you will never avoid drama in the graffiti world.period.
  7. and some old shit for ya
  8. not much but..the south is still trying to hold it down for nsf!
  9. ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZ thanks for checking us senior 12oz member! <3
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